I currently supervise several PhD and MSc research students at the University of Edinburgh. Do get in touch if you think we share a mutual research interest; some pointers about funding can be found here.

I also supervise several undergraduate honours dissertations and I’m always looking for students to work on topics that relate to my own research. If it helps, here are some suggestions for what would be worthwhile projects:

  • An historical geography of the drone: the first transatlantic test of an Un-manned Aerial Vehicle, from Bell Island to Benbecula
  • The Curran Bothy: an historical geography of refuge and disaster on the Cairngorms plateau
  • High Carbon Modernism: an historical geography of coal and Cockenzie, Britain’s least efficient power station
  • From animal to machine: how the tractor transformed rural Scotland, c. 1920-1970
  • A cultural and historical geography of wildlife photography, 1890-1950
  • The historical geographies of amateur science: John D Stewart and the Paisley rocketeers, 1935-1939